Summer Camp 2020

Using an arts-integrated approach facilitated by singer-songwriter, actress, and teaching-artist, Michelle Riu, the girls create and perform original music, and act in an original short play. Guest artists work with the girls to create empowering visual art and costume pieces. The girls are encouraged to find their inner voice and powerfully express it, whether it be through singing, making music, dancing or making art. No prior music, acting or art experience required. Limited enrollment. To enroll, please fill out the form below and email it to or present it on the first day of camp. 

Theme: What does it mean to be an Earthling? The storyline follows a curious child who has a keen interest in uncovering the secrets of Area 51, as she is convinced extra-terrestrial life exists. Her adventure links her with savvy girls from all over the planet as they hunt for answers- answers that may one day help us save our precious Earth!

Dates: July 20th – 25th and July 27th – August 1st

Location: M-F Virtual via Zoom; and Saturdays in-person- outdoor location in Broward TBA* 

Time: M-F 10:30 AM to 12 PM and 1:30 PM to 3 PM; Saturdays 10:30 AM to 12 PM

Campers will be responsible for creative assignments before and after Zoom sessions as we develop original music and theater. Assignments include daily journaling and practicing parts at home.

*Saturday sessions are optional for families who are uncomfortable with in-person sessions. Camper will still be a part of the storyline and captured in the scripted, recorded parts of the play that lead up to the final performance. Something will go wrong with the mission and the character will be MIA adding to the excitement and the mystery of the plot!

Cost: $235/two-week camp; $125/first week only

Campers are strongly encouraged to attend the entire two-week camp as we develop our piece for the final performance on Saturday, Aug 1st. Campers may attend only the first-week, however attending the second week only is not an option as we will be too far into our creative process and working toward the live performance!

To sign up for two-week camp, click here to pay with Paypal 

If camper is attending the first week only, click here to pay with Paypal

Tuition must be paid in advance. Participant is registered only upon receipt of registration form, media release and full payment.



For more info, call Michelle at (305) 951-9054