Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty!


‘Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty!’ plays Saturday, September 15th at 8PM at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in the Arts District of Fort Lauderdale.BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

This is a unique opportunity to be part of the development of an original world premiere play

Gritty Girl Camp Session 2 (REGISTRATION CLOSED: Please call about our Saturday Sessions)

Camp Dates: August 6th-18th M-Sa, 10- 4PM

Curriculum:   Acting; Songwriting; Music Performance

Funding for this project is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council

With support from the Broward Center’s Arts Access Program.
Character Breakdown:
This is a collaborative work that is in progress. New parts may be added so please come out and audition even if you don’t see a perfect match for you. At least one part has already been added for a particular actress who showed up and was right for the play! (By the way, there are at least two male parts. Looking for Gritty Guys, too. : ) Please tell your friends- and their friends, too!

Isabella- 15/16 year-old only daughter, inquisitive, a writer and musician, has her own video blog, starting a band, they rehearse in her room on Friday nights.

Victoria- Vain, can be mean and cruel, needs to dominate and be adored, relies heavily if not exclusively on her looks and pulling power plays, a manipulator and a liar if necessary; the rest of the girls are scared of her and at the same time they want to be as popular as her so they hang out with her. She is a party girl.

Apathy- Disinterested, favorite word/response to anything and everything is ‘Whatever’. She comes across as careless with her appearance, Goth-like,  purposefully rebellious and anti-authoritarian.

Kimmie- Perky, fun, a people Pleaser, has no real style of her own. She shadows the Queen Bee and answers her every beck and call. Desperate to fit in and be cool. Has no real sense of self. Takes interest in knitting.

Jane- Very sweet girl. Overly body-conscious. On the verge of developing a serious eating disorder.

Sam- Tori’s younger sister, a tomboy, plays the ukele, super creative and outspoken. Always left out and shut-up by the older girls. (This part has already been CAST)

The Boy- An outsider, avid reader, pot smoker, has a crush on the lead character, quiet and observant, undergoes his own transformation during the play.

The Jock-  Good-looking, strong, a bit on the shallow side. Uses his brawn to intimidate and his looks to seduce.

Mother-  Has indigineous roots, probably Latina. A single mother who is always super busy with work, highly ambitious and big bread-earner. (Already CAST, also plays one the three fates)

History Teacher- Like a Socratic fairy godmother who guides and provokes the students to become intuitive, critical thinkers. (Already CAST, also plays one the three fates)

The Three Fates/Godmothers- They function as a Greek Chorus, appearing in key moments to narrate. They sit at a spinning wheel of life speaking in poetry and riddles.

One of Fates will also briefly play the bus driver (Already CAST)